Відповідно до наказу №523 ОД від 08.11.2016 НТУ "ХПІ" про упорядкування структури НТУ "ХПІ", діяльність факультету ЕІМ зупинено. Кафедра комп’ютерного моніторингу та логістики включена до складу факультету комп’ютерних та інформаційних технологій. Кафедра економічної кібернетики та маркетингового менеджементу та кафедра міжкультурної комунікації та іноземної мови включено до складу факультету бізнесу та фінансів. Центр контрактного навчання факультету ЕІМ було включено до центру заочного навчання НТУ "ХПІ".

Department of Economic Cybernetics and Marketing Management

120 лет Национальному техническому университету «Харьковский политехнический институт»  

Extensive development of an integral information community, the evolving competition and the increasing role of efficient management decisions on economic activities demand highly-qualified professionals. Increasing complexity of modern economic system puts a premium on specialists capable of mathematical modeling of economic and business processes. Department of Economic Cybernetics and Marketing Management emphasizes training of specialists with skills in mathematical economics, information technologies, statistics, and decision sciences.

Department of Economic Cybernetics and Marketing Management was established in 1997. It prepares students on two main specialties, namely, Economic Cybernetics and Marketing Management.

Economic Cybernetics is a field of study concerned with the application of modern mathematical methods to analysis of economic systems. It was formed in 1960s at the junction of mathematics and cybernetics with economics, including mathematical programming, operations research, production and operations management, econometrics, and mathematical economics.

The specialty of Economic Cybernetics offers to students a comprehensive curriculum, including:

and many others.

The knowledge and skills acquired by students can be used in analyzing complex economic processes by applying methods of mathematical economics. Another major feature of our program is the emphasis on students’ proficiency in modern information technologies. Hence, the graduates of the specialty are highly-demanded on the labor market both as computer operators and economists. Recently, our graduates have found employment with leading Ukrainian and multi-national companies, such as PrivatBank, SberBank, TurboAtom, 1C, Philip Morris, Metro Cash & Carry, and others. Many students choose to pursue postgraduate education, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Marketing Management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. Marketing managers are often responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand. To create an effective, cost-efficient marketing management strategy, firms must possess a detailed, objective understanding of their own business and the market in which they operate. In analyzing these issues, the discipline of marketing management often overlaps with the related discipline of strategic planning.

Curriculum of the specialty includes:

and many other courses.

Graduates of the specialty are highly demanded on the labor market and commonly find employment as market analysts, advertizing/PR managers, sales managers, etc. in leading Ukrainian firms and international corporations.

Among department faculty are 3 Doctors Habillitatum and 11 PhDs. Faculty members carry out research in such areas as applied econometrics, active systems, dynamic programming, fuzzy logic, logistics, and many others.

Resources of the Department include a well-equipped computer laboratory and a specialized library. In addition, Department students have full access to extensive resources of NTU “KhPI”, including libraries, career centers, international student exchange problems, sport complexes, recreational facilities, summer camps in Kharkov region and Crimea, etc.

Housing opportunities include comfortable dormitories near NTU “KhPI” campus and in “Student Town” area.